You Don’t Know Me: Going Beyond the About Me Page


Lightening mesmerizes me.
My dreams are vivid to the point of exhaustion.
I still sing lullabies to my seven year old daughter.
I bite my nails.
I love the show Naked and Afraid on NatGeo.
I worry what people think of me.
On stressful days, I drown my thoughts with super loud music in the car.
I battle overeating.
I have to color my premature graying hair twice a month.
I won’t eat food that has even touched an olive.
Sometimes on my lunch break, I simply park under a shade tree and rest.
I forget my friends’ kids’ birthdays.
I identify as a 4 on the Enneagram (check out what that is here).
I am starting to have a hard time falling asleep at night (hello, almost middle age!)
I want another baby, but feel like the window is closing.
My husband and I met on the internet by “accident” back in 1998.
I am not a good housekeeper.
I am a great home cook.
I was born in Hawaii as a Navy brat, but left at 11 months old and haven’t been back.
The ending of Footloose makes me cry every time.
I’ve hugged Sting.
I was part of the pilot episode of a Nickelodeon kids talk show that never aired.
Loose teeth gross me out and I won’t help my daughter pull hers.


Why tell you these random facts about me? Simply, to illustrate that you don’t really know me at all. I’d bet to say that lots of folks click on the “About Me” page of an author’s website pretty early on. Customarily, the page might mention what state they live in, education background, and a few of their favorite things.

There’s nothing wrong with this. I’d even venture to say it’s a great lead in to the average reader stopping by to peruse books for sale, works in progress, etc.

But how often does an “About Me” page truly engage a visitor? The further I get into this journey of being an author (really, my journey of being alive), I yearn for one thing. Connection. Connection with other authors. Connection with potential readers. Connection with fellow humans living out our days on this crazy planet.

I would bet that after reading the above list, you feel like you know me a little better. Maybe you’ll mutter to yourself, “Man, she’s quirky.” or a slew of other reactions. But, I pray, something will hit you and connect us. Maybe you, too, struggle with self doubt. Maybe housekeeping is also your arch nemesis. Have you rubbed elbows with a legendary rock star, too?

It’s so easy for websites and blogs like mine to be one-sided. I tell you what I’m thinking. Maybe you comment, maybe you don’t. I really hope you’ll do more commenting. Not for better engagement statistics for my site. But rather for us to connect. Discuss. Agree or disagree. Then chuckle to ourselves later in the day remembering the exchange.

Listen, I’ll keep writing about writing. I’ll continue to report updates on my publishing adventures. My faith will always been a topic of discussion. But, I’ll be posting about general life things more often, too. Struggles. Victories. Reflections. And, for goodness sake friends…let’s CONNECT. Let me have the pleasure of getting to know you. We happen to be in this tiny, minuscule space of the internet at the same time. Taking up space on the same planet during this brief few moments in the vast continuum of time. Let’s make it matter!

If you have a website that includes an About Me page, I encourage you to include some tidbits that help your visitors really get to know the real you. Transparency can make us a little vulnerable, but we can’t connect without being a little vulnerable, can we?

Won’t you tell me a little about yourself today?  Hopes, dreams, worries, quirks? Come on, I know you’re an interesting bunch…prove it!  🙂


You Don’t Know Me: Going Beyond the About Me Page — TWEET THIS!

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Published by Teresa Tysinger

Author of Contemporary Christian Fiction. Wife, mother, creative, and professional communicator.

14 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Me: Going Beyond the About Me Page

  1. Love this, Teresa! Thanks for sharing!

    Let’s see… I’ve told this story before. When I was a teenager, I became a Candy Striper at our little local hospital. (Candy Stripers were a precursor to nurse assistants, I think.) Anyway, the patients were always so glad to see me. When I entered the room, everyone smiled REALLY BIG. I didn’t recognize the misspelled word for several months. Then it dawned on me…. It was that extra “P” that made all the difference. 😉


  2. This is great, Teresa! (I found it after reading Laurie’s post. :))

    I’m also a terrible housekeeper–but I LOVE a clean house. Every time Howell and I clean, we ask ourselves, “Why don’t we just keep it like this all.the.time?” *sigh*

    I also battle worrying what people think (especially if I feel like I’ve disappointed someone), and I love listening to music (when I’m stressed but also just always!). 🙂


  3. Teresa, sharing more about who you are as a person is a great idea. Not everyone can relate to being a writer, but we can all relate to the ups and downs of being human. Lately I’ve been feeling God nudge me to build a platform… but not as a writer. He wants me to look outside “my box” so to speak. On that note I’m praying for more direction. Ha.
    BTW. I like reading the dictionary.


  4. Yes, I worry what people think of me too. I think it’s because I struggled with judging people based on appearances in college so I always wonder how people are judging me. My husband was born in Hawaii! He was a missionary kid and lived there for several years. He’s been back twice and we have it on our list to do as a family…someday. 😉
    I long for the day we can sit in person and connect. In the meantime, it was fun reading a little more about you. I’ll do one of these when I get my website going. Lots of hugs!!


  5. Hey Teresa! Love this. I too am on this publishing journeying and wondering where it is leading to. I too worry about what people think about me, but God is slowly but surely working on my identity in Him. And last, but not least, my husband and I ran into each other on the subway in Washington D.C. and got married three years later.

    Great to connect with you! Peace and Blessings…Simone


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