The Birth of an Indie Bookstore

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Several weeks ago I introduced you to Paul Combs and his endeavor to open The Last Word Bookstore here in Fort Worth, Texas. An independently published author and avid book lover, Paul’s passion runs deep for bringing this little corner of culture through the printed word to his community. Gives me goosebumps! 

I am so thrilled to announce that TLW’s doors open TOMORROW – Friday, May 27! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PAUL AND THE LAST WORD! Paul’s dream becomes a reality and I’ll be there with a huge smile on my face and my wallet ready to shop.

Paul was event recently interviewed about TLW by the American Bookseller’s Association. Can you say GREAT PRESS! Read about how the store came to be here.

TLW interior


Would you look at how fun and unique it is?  The quote lover in me in geeking out. Paul’s inventory offers a variety of popular fiction as well as catering to local and independently published authors. For obvious reasons, this makes me just giddy.

TLWIf you’re local to the Fort Worth area, plan on making a trip over to the bookstore this weekend (map). Tell Paul I sent you! And check this out. Paul plans to offer features that encourage discussion and maybe even book club engagement. His first focus is called “Around the World in Eighty Books.” He has carefully curated a collection of 80 novels from 80 countries. How fun is that?

Whether you are local or not, you can support this exciting endeavor. Please LIKE The Last Word Bookstore on Facebook or FOLLOW on TwitterPaul shares many interesting articles about publishing, the book store business, great reading resources, and new releases.

As fellow authors and readers, I encourage you to join me in supporting Paul’s small business. I am so proud to have TLW Bookstore here in my town. Do you have a favorite indie bookstore in your town or city? Tell us about it, link it, and what makes it special to you.



Celebrating the Birth of an Indie Bookstore — TWEET THIS!

The Last Word Bookstore opens tomorrow in #FortWorthTX — TWEET THIS!

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6 thoughts on “The Birth of an Indie Bookstore

  1. I went there today and loved it! I live right down the road so I’m even more excited about The Last Word Bookstore.


    1. I’m so very glad too. Yes, it is a great/warm/friendly place that brightens the neighborhood. I can’t wait to go back. I’m thankful that it’s within walking distance so I get a spot of exercise too. This could/will be dangerous to only my pocket book and bank account ~ haha. However, I’m still excited to support a non-chain/independent bookstore in my neighborhood.


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