Book Review: Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg


I am experiencing some serious “book glow” friends — you know, the reader’s high after finishing a wonderful, satisfying book. Last night I finished Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg and I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. This was my first read by Melissa and, let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed.

My Review (just posted this morning on Amazon):

tagg bookThere are times in a reader’s life that she must stop and just bask in the glow of a near perfect book. Finishing Like Never Before was one of those times for me. I simply adore this story.

Rather than spend time giving you a synopsis that many others have already written, let me tell you about the experience you’ll have. You’ll feel right at home in charming small-town Maple Valley, Iowa — where community celebrations are a dime a dozen, everyone knows your name, and winters linger like the warm aroma of thick coffee. You’ll meet characters who come to life off the page with easy-to-relate to emotions, struggles, and hopes. You’ll root for them with the turn of every page. You’ll sigh with contentment, feel your heart quicken with romance, and be left thinking of your own faith journey. (Also, Logan is easily made it onto my list of top five heroes!)

I can’t get to the bookstore quick enough to snatch up another of Tagg’s novels. Instantly addicted to her effortless prose, winsome descriptions, and skillful pacing, I’m a reader for life.

Giveaway of Like Never Before!


Perfect timing! My sweet friend and fellow author, Laurie Tomlinson, is hosting a giveaway of Like Never Before on her blog right now! You’ve got one more day to enter to win your very own copy and “meet” Logan and Amelia, visit Maple Valley, and fall in love with the Walker Family. Don’t miss this chance!

Like Never Before is available at
Amazon  |  ChristianBooks  |  Barnes & Noble  |    Lifeway



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