Help Me Name My Newsletter

So, that ACFW Conference report I promised you? Yeah, that didn’t happen. You may have also noticed that September’s newsletter, which should have gone out yesterday, is MIA. Strike two. Since we’re friends, I’m going to pull the excuse card. I’ve spent my week recovering from a colonoscopy on Tuesday. (How long does anesthesia linger in your system?) Pretty sure that’s a free pass, right?

So, we’re going to multitask, m’kay? This weekend (probably Sunday) I’ll send out September’s newsletter WITH some conference news in it! Two birds, one stone. We’ll just pretend like the crickets on the blog where yesterday’s post should have been are just the late-summer, soothing soundtrack for you to enjoy during your busy week. (See, it’s all about perspective, people.)


Those who get my newsletter will get the chance to vote on a name for my newsletter. Who doesn’t love to give their opinion on such important decisions?! As much as I love giving updates on my writing journey, book reviews, and such…I’ve felt led lately to use the newsletter for more encouragement. So, in addition to announcements and such, future issues will also offer faith reflections, words of encouragement on our daily walk together, and hopefully support that helps you feel like you’ve got a friend in your corner (me!).

If you’re not already signed up to receive
my monthly newsletter in your inbox…


Thanks, friends. For understanding when life get’s too crazy to keep up with….for supporting me on my journey…for walking through this life with me.


Published by Teresa Tysinger

Author of Contemporary Christian Fiction. Wife, mother, creative, and professional communicator.

7 thoughts on “Help Me Name My Newsletter

    1. That name did seem a natural.

      I’m hanging in there – thanks for asking. And I do have a pretty off-the-wall goal now, but to see it you’ll have to go to

      I’m not trying to be mysterious (or increase blog traffic!) but to explain it in one or two sentences leaves the goal sounding idiotic.

      But here’s a hint – I intend to survive, and not go to the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. And not as a spectator.


    1. Thanks, Teresa! God already gave me the first miracle I will need. I had a crippled arm that I could not straighten, for about ten years. Now it’s fine, and I will be able to throw the discus, javelin, and shot.

      He had seven days to make the world. Imagine what He can do with just be in four YEARS.

      And think of the possible endorsements! Ensure, Geritol, AARP, Depends…


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