Every Idea Must Go Somewhere: Connecting to Emotions

Ideas come from everything. Alfred Hitchcock I came across this quote today during my lunch break while browsing blog posts and social media. A fellow graphic designer friend quoted Hitchcock in reference to getting a burst of creative energy while driving past a construction site. I’ve often been inspired unexpectedly in strange places by uncommonContinue reading “Every Idea Must Go Somewhere: Connecting to Emotions”

Good Prompts Never Expire: What I Wrote During Lunch

I wasn’t going to post anything today, but I ran across a “happy accident” and wanted to share. During my lunch break I scrolled through Twitter and came across a tweet from Write to Done about a fun writing prompt. I clicked on it and thought the idea sounded fun, so I decided to participate.Continue reading “Good Prompts Never Expire: What I Wrote During Lunch”

Naming a Memorable Character

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter over seven years ago, nothing made me more anxious than choosing her name. Not even the labor. With this one choice we were filling in a lifetime of place cards, registration forms, labels on prescriptions, beginnings to love letters, wedding invitations, “Hey, ____!” and on,Continue reading “Naming a Memorable Character”

A Tuition-Free Education in Writing

During my graduate studies in editing and publishing at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, I participated in only one creative writing class. Taught by author Craig Nova, we studied the art of fiction by both reading about the process and practicing it together. It was both inspiring and terrifying. In retrospect, I should haveContinue reading “A Tuition-Free Education in Writing”