Life Imitating Art: Interview with Author Paul Combs

I met author Paul Combs through a mutual friend. He’s a fellow NaNoWriMo-er and introduced me to the editor who worked on my first novel. Though we’ve actually only met in person once, he’s been an encourager through my journey. He’s independently published two novels, The Last Word and Writer in Residence — a two-book series about cousinsContinue reading “Life Imitating Art: Interview with Author Paul Combs”

[Grace Is…] Radical, Beautiful, Different

Grace is… (Really, Teresa? Again with this grace thing?) Yea, I know. I talk about it here a lot. That’s why last month I started this monthly series [Grace Is…] to talk about what’s so central to my faith. And something occurred to me just yesterday about grace that I wanted to share with you.

Confession of a Newbie Author

  Well, crud… This is how I’m feeling today. I had another post idea for today already written and scheduled. But I’ve got something else on my heart. Being new at something means taking some missteps, being a bit overeager at times, and learning the hard way. But, man, it stinks when you realize howContinue reading “Confession of a Newbie Author”

Author Interview: Jaime Jo Wright

  Few people you meet in your lifetime will feel like instant connections. Jaime Jo Wright is one of those for me. We connected through social media leading up to last year’s ACFW conference, then met there in person. This self-proclaimed “professional coffee drinking”is so real, funny, and a great author who writes spirited turn-of-the-century romance,Continue reading “Author Interview: Jaime Jo Wright”

Top 10: Books, Blogs, and Buddies

OOPS! Edited to include our newsletter giveaway winner!  See below. 🙂 There’s a lot of great things to be seen around the web. I wouldn’t be a very gracious blog host if I didn’t share some of the best I’ve seen lately, now would I? Here are the top 10 books, blogs, and buddies IContinue reading “Top 10: Books, Blogs, and Buddies”

New Feature: The Grace Report

Just a quick,”Hey, there, how are ya?” for this Friday morning. Wanted to let all of you lovely people know about a brand new feature launching over on my Facebook page today: THE GRACE REPORT. Grace is the cornerstone of my faith and the message my writing aims to convey. It’s finding undeserved redemption, forgiveness,Continue reading “New Feature: The Grace Report”

3 Ways to Invest in Your Dream

We think of dreams happening subconsciously while we sleep. Our strange, miraculous brains concoct stories in the recesses of our unrestrained imaginations. Ever since I was a young child, I have dreamed vivid dreams. I wake with awareness of the tiniest of details. Even now as an adult, my dreams often feel epic with dramaticContinue reading “3 Ways to Invest in Your Dream”