Hunting & Gathering Ideas

I’ve written a few times about inspiration. I guess it makes sense that it’s on my mind when I’m in the early stages of a new WIP. Lately, I’ve been inundated with inspiration. I’m like a hunter and gatherer…sniffing out possible prey on a gentle breeze, pouncing when the time is right, and storing theContinue reading “Hunting & Gathering Ideas”

Writing When You’re Down and Out

What’s a writer to do when there’s writing to be done but she’s down and out?  I can’t always offer advice from a place of experience, seeing as I’m still so new to this writing as a profession business. But, after this weekend, rest assured that I have a few real-world insights to writing whenContinue reading “Writing When You’re Down and Out”

Author Interview: Jaime Jo Wright

  Few people you meet in your lifetime will feel like instant connections. Jaime Jo Wright is one of those for me. We connected through social media leading up to last year’s ACFW conference, then met there in person. This self-proclaimed “professional coffee drinking”is so real, funny, and a great author who writes spirited turn-of-the-century romance,Continue reading “Author Interview: Jaime Jo Wright”

Romance | Non-Fiction Edition

First an update. Today’s a big day, friends. I finally sent off my book proposal to potential agents. I have a top choice, but am praying for God to guide the process so things work out according to his plan. It could be weeks before I hear back, so now it’s time to settle inContinue reading “Romance | Non-Fiction Edition”

Book Review: The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate

Late last night I turned the last page of The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate. I wasn’t disappointed, and I don’t think you will be either. Wingate has become one of my favorite authors, Christian or otherwise, who provides both entertainment and uplifting encouragement.

Good Graces: Inspiration Board

During the process of writing Good Graces, I have kept a Pinterest board of images that inspired the setting, buildings, characters, and “ambiance” of the story. I am simply in love with this fictional place…reminiscent of my time spent attending college 35 minutes north of Asheville. I thought it would be fun to share someContinue reading “Good Graces: Inspiration Board”

Tortoise and the Hare: A Tale of Rewriting

Last night, in three hours I worked through three pages of my manuscript. No, you did not read that wrong. Yes, that is one page an hour. While I’m tempted to be annoyed at my pace, the contrary is actually true. I’m really pleased because it proves how much I’ve learned about writing fiction. Like the fabledContinue reading “Tortoise and the Hare: A Tale of Rewriting”

A Rumbling of Excitement

First, a little housekeeping. Do you notice anything different? Check out my brand spankin’ new newsletter sign-up button just over there. Starting in a few weeks, I’ll be sending out an email newsletter every 6-8 weeks. It’ll include an encouraging word, updates on my projects, links to my recent reads, giveaways, and more. I’d sureContinue reading “A Rumbling of Excitement”