Write A While Wednesday: The Rainstorm


Every Wednesday, I set aside 15 minutes to free write. No agenda, no pressure to edit, just me and the page (screen). I hope you’ll join me. Post your 15 minutes of writing and use #WriteAWhileWednesday so we can follow along, or post a link in the comments below. Here we go…

The rain pelted the window with an intensity that rattled its frame. I have always loved rain storms. The way the house darkens in the middle of the day, much different than the night’s darkness. It calls for socks and blankets, coffee and books.

I wondered down the hallway, coffee in hand, to get my weathered copy of Pride and Prejudice from my nightstand. Days like this were made for Austen. A dark mass darted in front of me, disappearing through the doorway to my room.

“Don’t worry, Moses, it’s just a little storm.” He’d jumped up onto my bed, his pitiful meow begging me to protect him. The only time he followed me anywhere was during a storm, poor guy lost his ever loving mind when he heard thunder. I picked him up, nuzzling him under my arm. After finding the book in the haphazard stacks littering the bedside table, we headed back to the living room, Moses and I.

I often felt lonely in this big house all alone. Since he died people stopped coming around. I always told him they were his friends, not mine, but he insisted they liked me too. See, I told you so. Today, though, he rain was my friend. The noise of it dancing on the roof filled the house with the sounds of a mellow affair. Clinking of glasses, threesomes in corners chatting about the latest tennis match at the club. The mist rising from the hills outside the large picture window reminded me of his cigar smoke. I could almost smell it.

Today it was just me, and the rain, and Jane.

Published by Teresa Tysinger

Author of Contemporary Christian Fiction. Wife, mother, creative, and professional communicator.

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