Rollercoaster Week (a.k.a. Life)


It’s been a week of ups and downs. Monday I celebrated the last submission to my critique group. Good times. Then, with their help (for which I’m still genuinely grateful), I took a ride down to the pits realizing I am far under the recommended average length for books in my genre….by about 25,000 words. Not so good times. Then, this morning, my husband accidentally wiped out my flash drive…and panic ensued. Most of it is backed up and the rest is in my email sent box, thankfully.

But there’s great news to share today. I’ve been able to feel and watch God work through me. I have struggled with worry my whole life. Yesterday when I felt discouraged and frustrated that I wasn’t as far done as I thought I was, I stopped, let myself feel the emotions, swallowed past the lump in my throat, then prayed. And prayed some more. Then talked to my hubby and prayed again. By the end of the day, the anxiety was pretty much gone. Instead of freaking out and letting it ruin my whole week, I felt God calm me and reassure me that he’s in control. Nothing is lost.

And, I’m a writer. I’m not going to give up because someone tells me I have to write more. Okay! I can do that, I know how to do that. It’s all good. So, I’m taking the rest of this week to regroup, get a game plan, and get started back at it this weekend.

Work is busy now. Working at a church in communications, mid-summer is about when I get swamped preparing fall promotions. I’ll likely post less often, though I hope you’ll follow me on Facebook and Twitter for daily chatter.

What are you working on right now? How are you feeling about your progress, challenges, goals?

Published by Teresa Tysinger

Author of Contemporary Christian Fiction. Wife, mother, creative, and professional communicator.

4 thoughts on “Rollercoaster Week (a.k.a. Life)

  1. Getting ready for the DFW Writers Conference. I feel so under prepared. I’m not going to be where I wanted to be, but hoping good comes anyway. (:


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