FREE HUGS at the ACFW Conference!


ACFWlogoPreparing for a writer’s conference can be hectic. Add to that, the fact that it’s my very first one, the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference coming up next week has me on my toes. I’m in the home stretch and am actually now feeling really good. One thing I’m bringing with me might surprise you, but it’s the one thing I’m most excited about. Let’s review my packing list:

Business cards…check.
One-sheet, pitch, and sample chapters for Good Graces…check.
Research notes on agents…check.
Mints for me and chocolates for agents/friends…check.
Comfortable yet professional outfit…check.
“Free Hugs” Button…check.

Um, wait. What’s that?
Yep. I’ll be proudly wearing a button advertising “Free Hugs.”
But why, Teresa?
To me, this conference is full of brothers and sisters in the same boat as me. Many of them are braving the rocky waves of crafting their stories and hoping someone else likes the end result. Others have weathered that storm and are basking in the sun of celebrating a recently published book or new contract. I am ready to high-five, laugh with, and HUG each and every one of them. We’re in this together. These are my people! And I want to love on them, if they’ll let me of course. (Hugging isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.)

So, if you’ll be at the conference on Saturday (only day I’m there), and see a short chubby lady with short brown hair wearing a FREE HUGS button, that’ll be me–most likely. I sure hope you’ll come up and claim your hug or high-five. Let’s bond. Let’s celebrate this chance to soak up the encouragement and solidarity.

PS – I also humbly covet your prayers for the conference. While I can’t deny that my hope is to come away with some solid leads with a few agents, I desperately want to glorify God and follow his will for my life. The words I’ve written are His. Thanks, friends!

Published by Teresa Tysinger

Author of Contemporary Christian Fiction. Wife, mother, creative, and professional communicator.

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