Top Ten Insanely Helpful Posts for Writers


I’ve come across some great stuff around the fabulous interwebs. Since I’m focusing on tips for writers this week, I figured I’d keep that going. I don’t know where I’d be along this journey without such amazing resources. Today’s TOP TEN list features 10 articles and blog posts from authors, agents, publishers, etc.

  1. How to Write in Deep POV by Kristen at She’s Novel — This one has been KILLER for me this month!
  2. The Dreaded Synopsis by Mary Keeley at Books & Such Literary Management — A fabulous check list for making sure your synopsis is ready to make that top-notch impression.
  3. Beyond the Sparks in Romance by Krista Phillips at The Writer’s Alley — If you write romance, like me, this is a great way to think about rounding out your story. Love is more about romance!
  4. Luring Readers Beyond “The End” by Mary Vee at The Writer’s Alley
  5. The Four Deadly Mistakes Fiction Writers Make by Ted Dekker at Write the Creative Way
  6. Five Reasons Why You Have to Stop Editing Your Writing by Nicole Bianchi (via Laurie Tomlinson)
  7. How Novelists Can Benefit from Using Cinematic Scene Structure by C.S. Lakin at Live Write Thrive
  8. Determined to Meet Your Writing Goals: Set Up a Production Schedule at The Write Life
  9. E-Books or Paper? Do You Care? by Cara Putman at Inspired By Life…And Fiction
  10. Building a Genuine Platform by Emilie Hendrix at the ACFW Blog


What have you read lately that you’ve found particularly helpful? Share a link below in the comments!



Top Ten Insanely Helpful Blog Posts for Writers — TWEET THIS!

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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Insanely Helpful Posts for Writers

  1. Not a link but a practice…I often watch the commentaries on DVDs, to get an idea of just why the director told the story the way he or she did.

    One that was particularly helpful was the commentary by J.J/. Abrams for the first of the ‘Star Trek’ reboots; he said a LOT about what he cut, and why, that really opened my eyes.

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