Now Accepting Applications for Beta Readers!

Well, friends, I have reached a super fun and also slightly nerve-wracking (ahhhh!!) phase of writing Suddenly Forever, the second book in the Laurel Cove Series that is coming out sometime this fall! I’m ready to put together a small team of beta readers to help me make the book the absolute best it can be! And YOU can now “apply” to join the team!

I’m not quite ready to give a synopsis of the book just yet. But Suddenly Forever takes readers back to Laurel Cove, North Carolina, the charming fictional mountain town where Someplace Familiar was set. The themes of the story are grief, healing, the challenges of moving on, and letting God restore life through love. Some familiar characters return from the first book, but the main characters are both new to the scene! Are you excited yet?

Before I share the application with you, let’s chat for a minute about what exactly a beta reader does and does not do.


Some authors use beta readers in different ways. For me, here’s what I ask of my beta readers:

  • Beta readers do carefully read a completed (but not yet ready for publication) manuscript of the book within about 2-4 weeks of receiving it.
  • Beta readers do watch for and note places in the book where details don’t match up, inconsistencies, places something is unclear/questionable, etc.
  • Beta readers are familiar with Microsoft Word and are comfortable using it. You are welcome to use the Comments tool to note feedback on particular lines/passages.
  • Beta readers thoughtfully completes a provided questionnaire and return by a specified deadline.
  • Beta readers agree to let me use your remarks, if chosen, in promotions.
  • Beta readers promise to not discuss the book or share any part of the book until I begin promoting it.


  • Beta readers do not provide extensive editing. I am working with an editor and proofreader to help polish the book. But, if you catch an error or an inconsistency please feel free to note those!
  • Beta readers do not act as a formal endorser of the book. If you are an author or editor and are interested in providing a formal endorsement, please note that on your questionnaire.
  • Beta readers do not receive compensation for your help. I can’t be more grateful for the time and thoughtful energy beta readers put into this amazing task! While I do not pay beta readers, there may be some special fun treats for those who participate.
  • Beta readers do not talk about the book before I begin promoting it (same as last bullet point above; it’s important to note twice!!).


If this all sounds good to you, then I invite you to fill out the application by clicking the button below. It will be available until June 24. Applicants will receive an email letting them know if they’ve been chosen by July 1. To keep this process manageable;e for me, I’ll only be choosing 4-5 readers this time. If you are not chosen, don’t worry! You’ll be added to a list of possible beta readers for future projects.

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Author of Contemporary Christian Fiction. Wife, mother, creative, and professional communicator.

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