Suddenly Forever Read-Aloud with Celebrate Lit

I’m thrilled to be participating in something really fun today. Celebrate Lit is hosting a read-along series with Christian authors narrating scenes from our books. I just love how technology can connect us when distance or something crazy like a pandemic separates us.

For my read-along, I’m sharing a snippet from one of my favorite scenes in my latest novel, Suddenly Forever. In the part of this scene, Cora (the heroine) chats with her opinionated and wise elderly neighbor about being open to love after loss. It includes what is possibly my favorite line from the whole book:

“That’s the thing about loss, dear. Those of us left on this side of heaven must redefine ourselves. It’s the only hope we have of continuing to live in the here and now…”

spoken by Ina McLean in Suddenly Forever by Teresa Tysinger

Watch the whole video below, then check out the other read-alongs at Celebrate Lit.


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