Embarking on a New Adventure: Come Along!

Do you like adventures? Activities that cause a little bit (or a lot) of adrenaline to course through your veins? Gets your heart pumping? Makes you squeal with excitement?

I’m definitely NOT an adrenaline junkie. I actually hate that jittery feeling I just described (except squealing with delight — who doesn’t like that?). But, today I am embarking on a new adventure of sorts that has me pretty pumped.

Today I officially join the family of resident authors over at Inspy Romance! Along with two dozen other amazing Christian romance authors, this popular blog invites readers and writers alike to discuss all things inspirational romance. I’ve followed along for years and to be invited to join the team is a dream come true.

Check out my very first post on Inspy Romance, where I talk about how I played it (not so) cool when I received the invitation to go on this amazing adventure. To celebrate I’m also giving away a copy of one of my books, so be sure and comment on that post.

Why is this an “adventure” for me? I think adventures often require us to step outside of our comfort zones just a little. That’s what makes the blood pump a little faster, right? But adventures also bring promise of memory-making experiences. For me, joining Inspy Romance meets both of these requirements for an adventure. I’m a little nervous to write alongside some of my favorite authors who’ve been doing this for a lot longer than myself. I’ll be writing a post once a month, which also means I’ll have to call upon different creative juices to keep readers engaged. But, saying “YES!” also means I will undoubtedly gain not only new readers of my books but also new friends. You see, the Inspy Romance community is a friendly, compassionate, and fun bunch. Not only is the comment section on the blog great, there’s also an active Facebook community where the discussions on books, writing, and romance continue every day.

How could I say no to that adventure?!

Tell me about an adventure you’ve been on. How did it get your heart pumping? What memories came from the experience?

Published by Teresa Tysinger

Author of Contemporary Christian Fiction. Wife, mother, creative, and professional communicator.

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