Authors’ Open House Christmas Edition: Melissa Tagg

So far this week, we’ve welcomed Angela Ruth Strong and Carrie Turansky to the Authors’ Open House: Christmas Edition. Let’s keep going! It’s my pleasure to welcome today sweet Melissa Tagg. Melissa joined us for the first AOH back in August. I’ve been a fan of Melissa’s writing for a while now and sit onContinue reading “Authors’ Open House Christmas Edition: Melissa Tagg”

Authors’ Open House Christmas Edition: Carrie Turansky

Happy Tuesday! I’m settled back at my home computer and, man, does it feel good! Being without my computer or laptop threw me for a loop. Apologies to Angela for her post going up late yesterday. Did you read it yet? Check it out here. It’s wonderful and I’m so glad she shared with us.Continue reading “Authors’ Open House Christmas Edition: Carrie Turansky”

Authors’ Open House: Pepper Basham

Hi all, I’m back from the amazing ACFW Conference (MUCH more on that coming with Thursday’s post), but today we’re wrapping up the Authors’ Open House with none other than Pepper Basham! A special thanks to ALL of our visitors during August: Rachel McMillan, Meghan Gorecki, Jaime Jo Wright, Mikal Dawn, Laurie Tomlinson, and MelissaContinue reading “Authors’ Open House: Pepper Basham”

Authors’ Open House: Melissa Tagg

As you read this, I’m either on my way to Nashville or already hugging the necks of lots of authors at the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference. All but one of our Authors’ Open House visitors (Meghan Gorecki, Jaime Jo Wright, Mikal Dawn, Laurie Tomlinson, and next Tuesday’s guest Pepper Basham) will be there, as willContinue reading “Authors’ Open House: Melissa Tagg”

Authors’ Open House: Laurie Tomlinson

Well, here we are again, friends. Are you enjoying the Authors’ Open House so far? Me, too! In case you missed them you can go back and check out posts from Rachel McMillan, Meghan Gorecki, Jaime Jo Wright, and Mikal Dawn (see remaining line-up here). I’m up to my ears in preparing for the ACFWContinue reading “Authors’ Open House: Laurie Tomlinson”

Authors’ Open House: Meghan Gorecki

Tuesday we kicked off the Author’s Open House with Rachel McMillan sharing about being a “real writer.” I don’t know about you, but I really loved what she had to say–great encouragement. Today we continue the month of Christian authors stopping by to share some thoughts on writing, reading, books, and more with Meghan Gorecki. (See the full line-upContinue reading “Authors’ Open House: Meghan Gorecki”