Confession of a Newbie Author

  Well, crud… This is how I’m feeling today. I had another post idea for today already written and scheduled. But I’ve got something else on my heart. Being new at something means taking some missteps, being a bit overeager at times, and learning the hard way. But, man, it stinks when you realize howContinue reading “Confession of a Newbie Author”

Hunting & Gathering Ideas

I’ve written a few times about inspiration. I guess it makes sense that it’s on my mind when I’m in the early stages of a new WIP. Lately, I’ve been inundated with inspiration. I’m like a hunter and gatherer…sniffing out possible prey on a gentle breeze, pouncing when the time is right, and storing theContinue reading “Hunting & Gathering Ideas”

Writing When You’re Down and Out

What’s a writer to do when there’s writing to be done but she’s down and out?  I can’t always offer advice from a place of experience, seeing as I’m still so new to this writing as a profession business. But, after this weekend, rest assured that I have a few real-world insights to writing whenContinue reading “Writing When You’re Down and Out”