5 Things I’ve Learned From My Critique Group

When I joined my first formal critique group through the American Christian Fiction Writers I can honestly say my expectations were simple. My manuscript was professionally edited and I’d already spent time rewriting. I was ready to begin sending queries to potential agents. I expected compliments peppered with a few catches of mechanical errors (there are alwaysContinue reading “5 Things I’ve Learned From My Critique Group”

The Getting Critiqued Blues

Ba da da da dum / I got the blues… Ba da da da dum /  I got the getting critiqued blues… Ba da da da dum /  …the just-got-my-first-rough-critique-of-my-novel-that-I-thought-was-almost-done-and-no-body’s-gonna-like-cause-it-obviously-stinks-so-why-even-bother-blues. Overly dramatic, perhaps? I reacted like the stereotypical writer/creative that turns critique into self-loathing. Last week I wrote about the distinction between judgment and critique. I did so inContinue reading “The Getting Critiqued Blues”