Let’s Be Friends!

What’s the point of asking you to read, come back more than once, or sign up for my newsletter? I want to be friends! It’s a cornerstone of Southern hospitality, after all.

I don’t say that lightly. Really. I yearn for connection – as I’m sure many of you do. It’s part of our make-up as human beings. True relationship building takes time and effort. I have a few ways that I keep the door open for you to visit…

  • My Newsletter is a way to keep in touch on a personal level. Like a good friend, I don’t share your email address with anyone, and I promise to only send stuff that I think you’ll enjoy or need to know. Including book updates, reviews of what I’ve been reading lately, treats just for you, and sometimes even a yummy Southern recipe. Being friends through my newsletter is as easy as clicking here and giving your email address.
  • My Facebook Author Page is a happening place! If you’re like me, Facebook is such a fun way to keep in touch, chat with friends, and share awesome stuff you’ve done and found. On my page, I love to share links to new books I’ve read, feel-good encouragement (we all need it!), and even announce my own writing news from time to time. Let’s be friends on Facebook!
  • Instagram is my current social media obsession! I could spend hours scrolling through pics of what my friends are experiencing in life. Sometimes their lives look a lot like mind (which make me feel so much better about my cluttered house!), and sometimes I live vicariously through their worldly adventures. Come see what I’m up to on a day-to-day basis and let me follow you back so I can see what you’re up to. Let’s be friends on Instagram!
  • Also…  We can be friends on Twitter and Pinterest, too!


See you around, friend!