Confession of a Newbie Author

  Well, crud… This is how I’m feeling today. I had another post idea for today already written and scheduled. But I’ve got something else on my heart. Being new at something means taking some missteps, being a bit overeager at times, and learning the hard way. But, man, it stinks when you realize howContinue reading “Confession of a Newbie Author”

Hunting & Gathering Ideas

I’ve written a few times about inspiration. I guess it makes sense that it’s on my mind when I’m in the early stages of a new WIP. Lately, I’ve been inundated with inspiration. I’m like a hunter and gatherer…sniffing out possible prey on a gentle breeze, pouncing when the time is right, and storing theContinue reading “Hunting & Gathering Ideas”

Writing When You’re Down and Out

What’s a writer to do when there’s writing to be done but she’s down and out?  I can’t always offer advice from a place of experience, seeing as I’m still so new to this writing as a profession business. But, after this weekend, rest assured that I have a few real-world insights to writing whenContinue reading “Writing When You’re Down and Out”

FREE HUGS at the ACFW Conference!

Preparing for a writer’s conference can be hectic. Add to that, the fact that it’s my very first one, the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference coming up next week has me on my toes. I’m in the home stretch and am actually now feeling really good. One thing I’m bringing with me might surprise you, but it’sContinue reading “FREE HUGS at the ACFW Conference!”