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I’ve at least hinted before, here in this little space of mine, that I feel most connected to God when I’m writing. I’m convinced it’s what he created me to do. Yes, I’m also a fine mother and wife and church communications director. I can design a logo, cook a pretty decent dinner, and even sing a mean little diddy in the shower. But there’s a different feeling when I write.

The blood pumps at a different rate. Not faster, but smoother, like a river free of sharp turns or debris. My head is clearer, as if God leaned down and blew away the thick clouds of distraction. It’s a lovely feeling, like He’s in my midst.

It’s not always so ethereal, mind you. For instance, last night I stayed at the office a few hours into the evening to work on rewrites to a chapter. I was accompanied by the florescent light above my desk as well as the loud whir of vacuums, rustling of trash bags, and other sounds of the faithful few who put things right again before the sun comes up another day. It wasn’t my usual corner table at the cozy coffee shop. I wasn’t in my yoga pants at home. Yet, God was here.

The chapter I was working on has become one of my favorites. It’s funny, romantic, and intimate in unexpected ways. At one point last night I thought to myself, Oooh, the readers are going to love this! (And, I hope you do one day.) However, just a short page or two later, I sat with my head in my hands, teary eyed, heart gaping wide open. A funny thing happened. God used my own writing to speak His truth to me. In the scene, Jack, our leading man, turns to a random page in his Bible after a quite unexpected evening. He lands on this verse from 1 Peter, chapter 5:

“And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.”

I may have decided to include this verse in my novel, in this particular scene, but it became shockingly clear to me reading over them again last night. God wrote these words…he writes them on our hearts…speaks the truths to us in countless ways every day. He’s my co-author in so many ways–so many.

It is my prayer that someone who reads my book will be touched by the message of God’s saving grace and redeeming love. I pray that prayer over the pages often. But, as I tweeted last night after this experience, if I am never published and no one ever reads these ages, I will praise God for meeting me, seeing me, loving me through this process.

I guess I shouldn’t find it funny, peculiar, or unexpected that God would use my own writing to wrap me in his loving arms. How does God speak to you in your daily work, hobbies, activities? I’d love to hear of an experience you’ve had when God blessed you with his message unexpectedly.

Published by Teresa Tysinger

Author of Contemporary Christian Fiction. Wife, mother, creative, and professional communicator.

3 thoughts on “Author, God

  1. I know the feeling well: this is what I’m called to do. I do music and writing, and those are the times I feel I’m doing exactly what I was put on earth to do.

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