Spending Dirty Money: A Lesson in Usefulness

Spending Dirty Money: A Lesson in Usefulness via https://teresatysinger.com

Last week I lost track of the days and didn’t get September’s newsletter out on time. I’ve also been off-schedule a bit with posting here. I promised last week that I’d get out the September newsletter over the weekend. If you’re a subscriber, you’ll notice that didn’t happen. My heart hasn’t been in it to create. But I’m a writer. Creating with words is what I do. It’s how I contribute — why I’ve carved out this little area of the universe. Continue reading

Surviving Disappointment


Just in the past few weeks, an epidemic of disappointment has spread around me. In my life and in the lives of those I love, it has threatened to steal joy, extinguish dreams, and plant seeds of self-doubt. It seems the perfect time to consider weapons at our disposal to survive the inevitable force of disappointment. Continue reading

[Grace Is…] Series: Readers’ Edition


We open up each month with our [Grace Is…] series, and chat about ways we see grace in our everyday lives. What an awesome reminder it is to reflect back on these moments of gifted peace and love. This month, I thought it would be fun to share a few comments that some of you have shared about grace. You’ve inspired me and continue to encourage me to look for grace all around me. Continue reading




Do you ever feel like shouting this when you make it to Friday? This week chewed me up and spit me out. Nothing too major, but this morning I woke up with a brewing cold and a notice that my website was down thanks to my husband disputed the renewal charge because I forgot to tell him (lesson learned!) #TGIF 

Here’s a few reminders to start your weekend:


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TCL Book Cover

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New Feature: The Grace Report


Just a quick,”Hey, there, how are ya?” for this Friday morning. Wanted to let all of you lovely people know about a brand new feature launching over on my Facebook page today: THE GRACE REPORT.

Grace is the cornerstone of my faith and the message my writing aims to convey. It’s finding undeserved redemption, forgiveness, hope in all the corners of life’s most messy places. Every Friday, I’ll be hosting THE GRACE REPORT on Facebook, inviting you to share how you’ve experienced grace this week. Where have you found joy among this week’s messes? Whether simple or extravagant, God’s grace can be found all around us if we just keep an eye out. I can’t wait to read how you’re week has been!

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Yearning for Christmas

I posted this photo and caption on Instagram last night after decorating our Christmas tree earlier than ever this year. I’ve noticed a lot of others commenting that they felt pulled to decorate early, too. What is making us yearn for Christmas this year? Whatever it is, I’m so grateful. I’ll look forward to visiting with you after Thanksgiving. Blessings, friends!


The Not-So-Secret Recipe



Preparing to marry my groom over thirteen years ago and start a household of my own, I approached my mom and excitedly asked her if I could finally have her famous pumpkin pie recipe. Through giggles, she leaned close and whispered, “Just follow the recipe on the back of a can of Libby’s Pumpkin Puree.” Imagine my surprise!

All those years, all those holidays. Family, friends, and co-workers clamored for one of her pies. What was her trick? Secret ingredient? All that time, no secret at all.

As the holidays approach, like every other year, I think back to this silly moment shared with my mom and my heart smiles.

But you know what dawns on me today? If we’re not careful, our faith is much like this recipe my mom held. She chose not to share, but it was available and accessible to all. Please don’t get me wrong — I am in no way comparing my mom’s fun “secret keeping” to choosing not to share her faith. She’s a great example of living out her faith every day through service and kindness to others.

But am I keeping secret the best recipe for grace, salvation, never-ending love? Imagine a similar conversation to the one I had as a bride with my mom:

Friend who doesn’t know Jesus: “Your life is so good, so happy. Can I have the recipe?”

Me: (Giggle) “Just open the pages of your Bible. It’s all right there.”

Wow. Right?

Chances are, someone won’t likely come up to you so readily and offer you the chance to share the recipe for eternal life in Christ. Am I allowing people to witness my life but not have access to the ingredients I know make up the best, most satisfying dish out there? Salvation.

I pray that God shows me each and every opportunity to pass along the not-so-secret recipe he’s shown me. And that I do so before someone has to ask for it.

Maybe through my writing (I pray). Maybe through my friendships (I pray). Maybe through my smiles to strangers (I pray).

But what more can I do? What can you do? May these holidays be full of recipe sharing of all kinds!