Getting to Know (Me)…


We’ve been sharing this little virtual space for some time now. Some of you are dear to me in real life and know me quite well, but several of you have likely found me via other authors, sites, connections.

Connections often grow stronger when life is SHARED. Similarities are discovered. “Me too!” is uttered beneath wide eyes of understanding.

Here’s some fun facts about yours truly. I really hope you’ll share in the comments section below a fact or two about you. And, away we go…

  1. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii as a Navy brat but only lived there 11 months and haven’t been back yet.
  2. I’ve never had a nickname until a friend recently dubbed me “Fun Size” because I’m a teeny tiny at around 5″. I kind of love it.
  3. I cry at the end of Footloose every time. I mean, they finally get to DANCE! It’s really more about the joy through music.
  4. Since I was a child, my favorite song has been What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.
  5. I discovered I am allergic to buckwheat (flour) after eating whole grain pancakes at Cracker Barrel. Not. Fun. My. Friends.
  6. I am a twin and older than my sister by only 90 seconds.
  7. Most people think I’m extroverted, but I test very introverted. Internally, I yearn for quiet and alone time. I married an extreme extrovert. Boy, that’s been interesting. 🙂
  8. Writing started early for me. I wrote poetry as a child, had a job with the Orlando Sentinel in high school, and was editor of my school’s paper for two years.
  9. I love everything caramel. Coffee, ice cream, popcorn, candy, apples, you name it.
  10. For my graduate thesis project, I had the pleasure and honor of editing, designing, and publishing my grandfather’s memoirs into a bound, hardback book and gifted it to him for his 80th birthday.
  11. We’re a creative family! I am a full-time Director of Communications for a large church and do lots of graphic design. My husband is a professional theater stage manager. Last year, he worked a show on Broadway and was even in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!
  12. I love coffee, thunderstorms, snow days, old movies (i.e. Casablanca, An Affair to Remember, White Christmas), drum lines, queso and chips, lip gloss, loud music in the car, being sarcastic, nativity sets, Walt Disney World, and when it gets cold enough to wear socks and oversized sweatshirts around the house.

Your turn!

Published by Teresa Tysinger

Author of Contemporary Christian Fiction. Wife, mother, creative, and professional communicator.

7 thoughts on “Getting to Know (Me)…

  1. Fun! Loved all these. Funny fact about me: when I was about 12, my mom challenged me to read a book longer than Nancy Drew (because that’s about all I read). I chose, and finished, Gone with the Wind. Don’t remember what I got for a prize but it’s still one of my favorites and started me on reading classics.


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