Top Ten Books to Beat the Snow Storm Blues

Here in Fort Worth, Texas it’s currently sunny and 60 degrees. But many of you in other parts of the country are buried under many inches or even feet of snow. Brrr! Wondering how you’re going to survive the days trapped inside? Have no fear! Grab your e-readers and download my top ten books sure toContinue reading “Top Ten Books to Beat the Snow Storm Blues”

Indie Bookstore Coming to Fort Worth

An author I’ve connected with through a mutual friend is doing something truly remarkable. Paul Combs, author of The Last Word, is beginning exciting plans for opening the only independent bookstore — actually, the only bookstore, period — in downtown Fort Worth, TX. The store, which will also boast the name The Last Word, willContinue reading “Indie Bookstore Coming to Fort Worth”

New Year, Old Me

Happy New Year, friend. New Year’s has become synonymous with parties, noisemakers, and celebration. Many cities around the globe usher in the new year with a literal bang, launching fireworks to illuminate the midnight sky. In New York City, Times Square hosts millions who come together for one night to cheer, smooch, and belt out OldContinue reading “New Year, Old Me”

Litter & Faith: A Christmas Lesson

Wham! Today, I got knocked up side the head with the hard reality of being a flawed follower of Christ. All thanks to a homeless man. It still hurts, but the bruise is around my tender soul instead of my hard head. And, I’m so thankful. I stopped for lunch at a local bistro. Sitting againstContinue reading “Litter & Faith: A Christmas Lesson”