Mary’s Prayer


For over seven years, my life has been defined by one solitary word.

It rises above all others. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend.

The title comes with an often burdensome load. My shoulders ache under the weight of worry and concern. Balanced only by the superhuman strength of protectiveness and pride.

My daughter’s almond-shaped mahogany eyes reflect back to me a vision filtered by hope. She recently asked if there really were people without homes living in our city. “Yes, baby girl,” I replied with sadness at having to expose her to such realities. The hope flickered. Lord, please protect the hope inside of her. We need it.

What might Mary have seen reflected in the eyes of her newborn baby Jesus? Knowing? Purpose? A greater love than man had ever known?

And, what might Mary’s prayer have been?

Lord, please protect him. The Light and Hope of the world. We need him.

One of my favorite Christmas songs has long been Mary Did You Know?* Since becoming a mother, the line that most tugs at my heart is “…when you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God.” Those of you who are parents might agree with me that kissing the face of your newborn child is a step closer to understanding the immense, almost suffocating love of God for us. How precious. How incomparable to anything else. How hopeful.

Might Mary’s prayer have continued…

Father, God. I pray for the miracles he will perform in your name. I know my baby boy will one day walk on water, and save your sons and daughters. I know, I trust, that my baby boy will make me and the whole world new. 

This Baby Boy, who will calm stormy seas with his mighty hand, has walked the streets of angels. I bend to kiss his earthly face and feel your presence there.

I give thanks for the blind who will see, the deaf who will hear, the dead who will live again at his mighty touch. For the lame who will leap, the dumb who will speak the praises of your Son, the Lamb. 

I praise the Lord of all creation, this baby who will one day rule all nations. May this Baby Boy, heaven’s perfect Lamb, this child I am holding, be praised as the Great, I Am. 

May this continuing Advent season give you the opportunity to reflect on the Baby Jesus whose eyes reflected to Mary the great purpose of His coming. Might you feel renewed by the hope so desperately needed today as much as in the time of His birth. Might you join your prayers with Mary’s as we await Christmas day.

*Original lyrics written by Mark Lowry.
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Published by Teresa Tysinger

Author of Contemporary Christian Fiction. Wife, mother, creative, and professional communicator.

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