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jaimeFew people you meet in your lifetime will feel like instant connections. Jaime Jo Wright is one of those for me. We connected through social media leading up to last year’s ACFW conference, then met there in person. This self-proclaimed “professional coffee drinking”is so real, funny, and a great author who writes spirited turn-of-the-century romance, stained with suspense. She’s been a friend and teacher to me in these last several months. I’m grateful for the chance to introduce her to you.

Today, Jaime is sharing some of her thoughts about reading, writing, and the upcoming release of The Cowboy’s Bride Collection (March 1, 2016). The Cowgirl’s Lasso is Jaime’s novella within the collection. It’s going to be good, friends. I can’t wait! Here’s a teaser to get you excited:

Jonah Sparks thought he hired a foreman not a dictator, but when the firecracker CJ Matheson rides in to lasso the pieces of his mismanaged, New Mexico ranch, Jonah is ready to call it quits. She wasn’t supposed to be pretty. She wasn’t supposed be a she.

TCL Book Cover

What inspires you to write?
They say some things are in a person’s blood. I sorta believe that my blood is dark coffee-brown and laced with a heavy dose of imagination. My mind always has stories racing through, so as cliché as it sounds, I was born to. I start to suffocate if I can’t write. It’s part of my existence. So, I don’t even need inspiration, because it is part of my make-up.

Who are some of your favorite writers, and why?
Wow. How many words can I make this blog post? LOL Ok. Colleen Coble is a serious favorite. She’s been my favorite Inspirational Romantic Suspense author for many years, and through a course of God-thing events, she became the one who held my hand through some fairly traumatizing life events. So, now I love Colleen on whole different and far more personal level. Others? I’ve adored Tracie Peterson’s Historical Romance for many years, Erica Vetsch for her Historical (snarky) Romance, and my writing sister, Kara Isaac, is coming out with her debut novel, Close To You in April of this year and I’ve already read it. She’s definitely a favorite in the Contemporary Romance genre. Outside of the Inspirational market, I love the classics. My three favorites: Jane Eyre, House of Seven Gables, and Great Expectations.

What are you currently reading?
“The Distant Hours”, by Kate Morton. She’s from the general market, and writes some really haunting split-stories (part of the story in contemporary times, and part of it in a more historical setting). I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I just finished Dani Pettrey’s new novel, Cold Shot, yesterday. Also totally worth the read!

Novellas in The Cowboy Bride’s Collection are romances set in the Old West. What draws you to this genre of Historical Romance?
Well, here’s the funny thing. I love writing Historical Romantic SUSPENSE. So, when I was approached to write a western romance, the first thing that popped into my mind was surprise and then I remembered my uncle, who passed away not long before. He used to own a horse ranch in New Mexico and I grew up visiting. So, this was the perfect opportunity to revisit my roots, summon the Old West and uncover a part of my writing love I didn’t know existed. Every ounce of my heart went into this novella, along with who I always pictured myself being if I’d grown up under my uncle’s gruff and soft cowboy ways. I hope the Old West is in my future more as my writing career continues.

What is the most challenging part of writing Historical Romance?
Hmmm…interesting question. I really had to think about this. Probably trying to be accurate with the details. We make assumptions, as writers and readers, about processes, materials, items, events based on what we’ve heard or even read. But, it’s not always accurate. Even phraseology. For example, I was going to use a phrase once then figured I better check when it first originated. My scene was set in 1885, and the phrase was never used until 1932. So … it’s that type of research that is challenging.

What was most exciting about writing The Cowgirl’s Lasso, your novella within the collection? 
LOL. There was one scene that instantly came to mind when I came up with the idea of this novella. Without spoiling the scene, it involves a tarantula, a dime novel, the hero, and a spunky heroine, named CJ. So when I was finally able to pen the drama that was in my head and put it onto paper, it was super fun!

Do you relate to your heroine in any way?
120%. They say “write what you know”. I figured for my first published work I should dig deep. So CJ is a mix of myself and a mix of what I believe my daughter will be very much like when she grows up. CJ is a mix of sarcasm, spunky, vulnerable, and super strong-willed. So, when you read CJ, you really do read alot of “me”.

Are there other exciting projects you’re working on that we can keep an eye out for?
YES! I have another novella coming out this August. This novella is titled Gold Haven Heiress and is a part of The California Gold Rush Collection, also from Barbour Publisher. It centers around a washed-up, soiled dove, Thalia and a very, successful gold baron determined to atone for his greed by creating a town for the unwanted.

Thanks so much to Jaime for “chatting” with us today.
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  1. Loved your interview with Jaime today! 🙂

    Jaime, I totally related to the point about feeling like you’re suffocating when you don’t have time to write. Very true for me too! Writing is as vital to me as our moment-to-moment need for oxygen.


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