A Time for Every Purpose: Reruns


Have you ever considered the popular passage from Ecclesiastes about a time for every purpose under heaven to be comforting? Oh, I have. It takes away guilt and allows for each season of life to have a place. As our energy, passion, inspiration, and time ebbs and flows we often feel obligated to keep up the pace and not loose ground. But there’s a time for rest. A time for contemplation and recharging. 

I’m in a short season of needing to recharge. Now that I’ve submitted my fixed manuscript to an interested agent, the pressure is off a bit. Before I start back on book two, I need a mental break. I’ve also been having some physical symptoms that need addressing, including fatigue and digestion issues. That won’t fix itself if I keep a crazy pace to every day.

So, I’ve paused.

If you’re like me, you love watching reruns of sitcoms. Familiar beloved characters, laugh-out-loud story lines, etc. My favorite reruns are of the show Big Bang Theory. What shows can you not get enough of? What’s your go-to activity when you need to wind down and recharge?

Speaking of reruns, instead of offering some insightful new material today, I thought I’d rerun some old posts. I’ll be back to new, fresh content really soon!

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3 thoughts on “A Time for Every Purpose: Reruns

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser says:

    Nice essay, Teresa!

    I actually don’t ‘do’ comedies. I rarely smile, and almost never laugh (except at things that would make most people turn a bit green, like a ‘grenade fail’ that took out the other guy instead of me…but I digress).

    My go-to’s are movies like ‘Fury’, ‘Lone Survivor’, ‘Blood Diamond’, and, unaccountably, the recent marvel Comics films, especially the two ‘Thor’ offerings. They help make the world make sense to me.


    • Teresa Tysinger says:

      I love your last line. I think if anything we consume (books, shows, movies, etc.) do not somehow help the world make sense, then they’ve missed the mark on being useful.


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