Top Ten: Reasons I’m Excited

Hello, lovely readers. You’re all looking exceptionally beautiful today. I’m a bit lighter today (no thanks to the Mother’s Day salted caramel cheesecake) for several reasons. What’s exciting you today?

Top Ten Reasons I’m Excited TODAY

  1. I finished edits and rewrites on my first novel and sent it back to an interested agent. Whew! A labor of love, indeed! Now we wait (again).
  2. DC Talk has a big announcement coming tomorrow. This 1990’s Youth Group gal is beside herself! Follow their Facebook page to join the crowd on the edge of our seats.


  3. Tomorrow begins a fun virtual 2nd Birthday party for my friend Meghan M. Gorecki‘s book God’s Will. Can’t wait to share some things with you!
  4. In less than a month, school gets out and we say adios to first grade. (Ok, half excited, half terrified. Feel me, mamas?)
  5. While I didn’t make the list of semi-finalists for the ACFW Genesis Contest, a few of my friends did. Like Cynthia Herron who ran away with two semi-final spots. Awards season for Christian fiction is so fun!
  6. To piggy back on #5, I was actually excited to get my judges’ comments back on my Genesis entry. The thoughtful critique of the three judges provided much needed guidance for making the story even better. Like I’ve said before, it takes a village!


  7. My sister, Cyndi Browning, has started selling her amazing art work, including taking commissions for custom work. Please check out her website and Facebook page. (PS, she ships all over the country. Hint, hint.)
  8. This time next month I’ll be in Florida to celebrate my Grandfather’s 90th birthday. Over a dozen of my family, including my granddad, will be jumping out of an airplane. I’m excited to watch from the ground!


  9. My sweet mother was kind to come help my husband with my daughter while I skipped up to the Wordsowers Writers’ Conference at the end of April. In addition to learning a lot, I met my three original critique partners face-to-face for the first time. It was glorious.
  10. The grace of God pours from a fountain that will never run dry! I’ve needed to take so many gulps from that fountain lately. Late nights, grumpy mornings, lack of focus at work some days, neglecting friendships, a less than on-point prayer life lately. The list goes on and on. Thank you, God, for loving me no matter what and being there when I need you.


Wishing you a wonderful, blessed day, friends! Thursday’s post will conclude my DIY Branding Strategy Series. Don’t miss it.

Published by Teresa Tysinger

Author of Contemporary Christian Fiction. Wife, mother, creative, and professional communicator.

5 thoughts on “Top Ten: Reasons I’m Excited

  1. Love this, Teresa!

    I guess I’m excited because, with the help of Carol Ashby, ‘Emerald Isle’ is finally out on Kindle…and soon to be available in a print version.

    The story meant a lot to me, but even more thrilling was the willingness of someone I’ll never meet in this life to take it from my failing hands, and carry it across the finish line.


  2. Teresa, you’re so very kind! You humble me.

    Thank you for so much for the sweet mention. 🙂 Press forward, sweet gal. God’s preparing you for a bright, glorious season and I’m so excited for you! (((HUGS)))


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