My First Live Interview!


Yesterday evening around 5 p.m. I received a text from my sweet author friend Cara Grandle. “Do you want to be spontaneous?”

Um, clearly she doesn’t know me too well, yet. Spontaneous, to me, means having any less than a week’s notice. Ha!

But something pushed me to say “yes,” and before I knew it Cara and I were Skyping for a LIVE Periscope interview with her fun gang! I was truly blessed to be her very first guest for a new series called “Meet the Crew” in which she chats with authors at all phases of the journey who are part of the community of writers.

So, for about half an hour, Cara and I chatted about my short story series that just launched yesterday, why I’ve chosen to go that route right now, and lots of other fun writing stuff.

When you have a little time, watch the clip here:

Did You Miss Yesterday’s Release?

Yesterday, I released “After All These Years,” the first short story in my Blue Ridge University Series, to my newsletter subscribers. But it’s not too late! Sign up today HERE and receive a “second chance” email tomorrow with the story.

I won’t do second chances every month, so be sure and jump on board now to not miss this first, sweet installment. Then, every month you’ll receive another short story in your inbox. And, no need to download anything, click any links, or give any payment info. It’s all free and easy. Just some fun stories between friends.


WATCH the first #MeetTheCrew interview with @TMTysinger and @CaraGrandle on #writing, #shortstories, and more! — TWEET THIS!

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Author of Contemporary Christian Fiction. Wife, mother, creative, and professional communicator.

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