On Being Brave

On Being Brave | Teresa Tysinger, Creative & Encourager

Do you ever see or hear something repeatedly, enough times that you start to wonder if God’s trying to tell you something? It’s been like that this week for me. In fact, it’s like He’s standing on the side of the road wearing one of those bright orange construction vests lined with reflector material while holding a neon sign and screaming through a bull-horn. The message?


<<Insert nervous laugh and sideways glances.>> Is He looking at me? Surely He’s aiming at the go-getter mom in the super clean SUV behind me who has her bullet journal and meal plans at arms length; she’s organized and ready to be brave at a moment’s notice. Or the college grad turned missionary in the other lane on his way to the airport to catch the midday flight to Africa; bravery is his middle name. Or He thought it was my husband who’s always ready and willing to go on the next life adventure. The attribute of “brave” doesn’t exactly make my Top 10 list of strengths.

But the signs all point to me. Just yesterday, the following occurred:

  • You Make Me Brave by Amanda Cook & Bethel Music came on the radio twice, during each of my two times in my car. (Listen here.)
  • No less than 5 screenshots I captured from posts on Instagram mention bravery, including an off-topic story from a woman who usually focuses on home decor but shared her heart about the topic.
  • I’ve been wanting to start listening to podcasts. I listened to the first one yesterday, a random one I chose from Carlos Whittaker that I’d earmarked months ago. It was about freedom found the “wild” when we step bravely into God’s intention for us.
  • A new (to me) commercial came on while I halfheartedly watched TV last night and it used language about being brave (though I can’t tell you what product it was selling).

One day, and a handful of messages on the same topic. Woah.

On being brave... 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. DownsI’m only several days into the book 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs. I’ve had it for a few weeks but only picked it up a week into the new year. Maybe it’s similar to buying a new car and suddenly seeing that model all over town. I’m reading about bravery, so maybe I’m simply more cognizant of it.

I choose to believe it’s more than that. 

I choose to believe God’s timing is impeccable. I choose to believe that I began reading Annie’s book at just the right time so my heart would be open to notice all of these other neon signs encouraging me to be brave.

No spoilers, in case you plan to read 100 Days to Brave (which I highly recommend), but I will share that Annie wisely debunks the myth that bravery looks like a Marvel Avenger running at full-speed toward danger without even an flinch of fear. Rather, being brave can be as simple as embracing the uniqueness of YOU in a world that tells you you’re not enough. Being brave is not reacting when someone pushes your buttons. Being brave is raising your kiddos at home with patience and tenderness.

So, I’m waiting and praying on being brave. I guess we’ll see what’s in store. In what little (or maybe big) ways have you been brave lately?

Published by Teresa Tysinger

Author of Contemporary Christian Fiction. Wife, mother, creative, and professional communicator.

9 thoughts on “On Being Brave

  1. I love this. Love it!!

    I think I’ve been brave in not obsessively worrying about Mark getting a job he can start as soon as he retires this Spring. I’ve kept reminding myself that we serve a huge God who has amazing plans for us, whether here or in another city/state. It isn’t always easy, but I “bravely” push that anxiety back down and forge ahead, because I’m excited to see where the Lord takes us.

    As an aside, my bosses are brave when they come into the office knowing I haven’t had coffee yet. That’s brave in the most MAJOR way. 😂

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  2. Great post, Teresa,and I admire your intentionality in listening to God.

    I don’t think I’m brave; I’m just stuck in a bad situation with a painfully and terminally failing body, and there are still things need doing, so I can’t quit. It’s not courage. It’s just what you have to do today, and tomorrow.

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  3. I totally agree, forging ahead into the unknown instead of giving up when that seems like the path of less resistance is the epitome of bravery. We may feel like it is our only choice, but it’s not. Plenty of people give up! Saying a prayer for you Andrew.

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  4. Love this! I think that often even those of us who appear brave to others have to be very intentional about it often and don’t always feel brave inside either! Bravery is something I really have to encourage myself with daily!

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  5. Thank you for sharing what it looks like to be brave. Bravery has been on my mind lately, too. And I’m trying to find the courage to step out into faith and do the brave thing. I’m reading Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs to give myself encouragement as I do (I’ll definitely check out this book, too). But I’ll be sure to pray for all of you as you walk bravely through life and I hope you pray for me.

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