Mid-Year Very Merry Book Giveaway: It Happened at Christmas

The Mid-Year Very Merry Book Giveaway book for today really sparked my interest being billed as a spin on While You Were Sleeping — one of my favorite romantic movies! It Happened at Christmas by Christen Krumm is a really cute Young Adult book, and I don’t usually pick up YAs. SO, SO GOOD!

Can we also take a moment to collectively appreciate the gorgeous cover?! SWOON!

After you enter to win this sweet book, don’t miss the others in this giveaway! If you’ve not yet entered to win all the other books already featured in this month-long giveaway, scroll back to previous posts and enter. I’ll be announcing winners in a big winner post at the end of the month. (One exception is the first book, whose winner was already announced!)


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In this enchanting YA spin on While You Were Sleeping, Christen Krumm delivers laughter and Christmas sparkle through a swoon-worthy story of first love and belonging.

Life at Iverson Preparatory Boarding School isn’t easy when you’re basically the maid. Murphy Cain spends her days cleaning up after her upper class peers in exchange for tuition while dodging their cutting remarks. All of that changes when she rescues her crush, the popular and hunky Tripp Harrington, after a near-fatal accident and is mistaken as his girlfriend.

Murphy finds herself struggling with the choice to reveal the truth or play along. As Tripp’s girl, his wealthy family will offer Murphy something she’s been craving her whole life—a chance to be one of the “in” crowd. A chance to belong. Without it, she’ll be right back where she started.

It only gets worse as Tripp’s brother Hank enters the picture. He’s handsome, down to earth, and seems to understand Murphy better than anyone else. The only problem? She’s supposed to be dating his brother.

As Christmas break draws to a close, Murphy must decide if telling the truth is worth losing it all or if the risk will bring a greater reward in the end.

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To enter to win an eBook copy of It Happened at Christmas, leave a comment below telling us about your favorite romantic movie! Or leave a comment for Christen.

The winner of today’s book will be announced in a WINNERS POST at the end of the month. All winners will be chosen using Random.org. Winners must respond within 48 hours to claim the book or another winner will be chosen.

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14 thoughts on “Mid-Year Very Merry Book Giveaway: It Happened at Christmas

  1. I don’t usually read YA but after reading the blurb, I can hardly wait to read this one! Sounds so fun and I can share with my sister who would love this as much as I know I will!

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