Valentine’s Day Giveaway WINNER

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know you’re all busy celebrating your loved ones, friends, pets, and any other special loves in your life. But, we’ve got some important business to take care of! I’m here to announce the winner of my Love Is in the Air Valentine’s Day Giveaway! I’ll keep this brief because I’ve gotContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Giveaway WINNER”

When You Give an Author a Microphone

As a writer, I prefer to type my words. The only sound accompanying them is the click-clack of my keyboard. If I do use my voice, it’s within the private sanctuary of my office to test a line for clarity before revising. And so, a few months ago when I booked my very first podcastContinue reading “When You Give an Author a Microphone”

Mid-Year Very Merry Christmas Book Giveaway Winners!

We’ve spent the whole month sharing some great Christmas books and now it’s time to announce the winners! First, a special thanks goes out to all of the authors who’ve so generously gifted copies of their books. Thanks to all of you, too, who chatted all month with me about Christmas and books and memories.Continue reading “Mid-Year Very Merry Christmas Book Giveaway Winners!”

Mid-Year Very Merry Christmas Book Giveaway Wrap-Up

This July, we have celebrated the heat wave of summer with a festive Mid-Year Very Merry Book Giveaway! Me and more than a dozen of my Christian fiction author friends joined forces to give away copies of our favorite Christmas books. You’ve got just two days to finish getting in your entries before winners areContinue reading “Mid-Year Very Merry Christmas Book Giveaway Wrap-Up”