When You Give an Author a Microphone

As a writer, I prefer to type my words. The only sound accompanying them is the click-clack of my keyboard. If I do use my voice, it’s within the private sanctuary of my office to test a line for clarity before revising. And so, a few months ago when I booked my very first podcast guest appearance, some nerves started to bubble up!

Would I speak as well as my written words read? Would my nerves ooze through the airwaves? (Are they still airwaves in our digital age?) Would I stutter over my thoughts without the ability to edit them first?

Turns out, when this author got in front of a microphone, it wasn’t so bad!

Because Fiction Podcast

Even though nerves percolated just below the surface, I was thrilled when Chautona Havig agreed to have me on as a guest on The Because Fiction Podcast. LISTEN TO THE EPISODE HERE. Chautona put me at such ease and before I knew it, the conversation drew to a close and we were done!

This inaugural podcast experience got me thinking about two sort of surprising things: obedience and trust. Just ask my husband, I am not naturally inclined to put myself out there. Even though my career in marketing and communications tasks me with putting my organization’s events or products out in front of the community at large, I’m not so keen on it when it’s about me. My gut tells me it’s narcissistic or something.

But, God… (my favorite phrase) God has called me to write. The stories God has put on my heart are for a world in need of messages of truth and hope and grace. If I’m obedient enough to write the stories down, I need to be obedient enough to tell the world about those stories. That means putting myself out there. And so, with my second book I have felt pushed to stretch the limits of my comfort zone. Talking out loud about Suddenly Forever on a podcast is certainly new territory. When making my marketing plan for this book, God whispered podcasts on my heart. And so, I keep praying for ways to be obedient to that. I’m SO grateful Chautona and her podcast can be my first tip-toe into such a fun venue to talk books and writing and HOPE.

I also mentioned trust. Since speaking engagements scare me, I’ve had to lean on trusting in a few things I believe to be true. First, I am trusting in God’s promise to never leave us (Hebrews 13:5). When I go into a scary situation, God is right there by my side. WIN! I also choose to trust that I’ve got inside me whatever I need for the task at hand. This is a big one for me…insecurities abound! And so, I choose to trust that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength (Philippins 4:13). WIN! Finally, I choose to trust that God goes before me and also follows me (Psalm 139:5). To me, that takes the Hebrews verse even farther. God not only is always with us, but I take comfort in trusting that He prepares a path for us and knows what’s coming ahead. That helps me feel protected and prepared for whatever may come.

Sitting in front of a microphone may not ever be comfortable for me. I’ll likely always prefer sitting in front on my computer typing out my thoughts. Holding on to the ability to punch the backspace button and reframe a thought before putting it out into the world. But, I’m grateful for this new adventure. We can do BIG things with a little obedience and trust!

After you give a listen to the Because Fiction episode, be on the lookout for my upcoming appearance on the Footnotes Podcast with Jaime Jo Wright on October 5! I’m also excited to be chatting later this fall with the sweet ladies behind the A Rough Draft Life Podcast. I’ll post that date as soon as I know when it’ll air.

Before we wrap up…

We are officially counting down the last several days before the release of Suddenly Forever! If you prefer ebooks, be sure to PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY today. The paperback and ebook will both be available October 6.

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Author of Contemporary Christian Fiction. Wife, mother, creative, and professional communicator.

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