Do you ever feel like shouting this when you make it to Friday? This week chewed me up and spit me out. Nothing too major, but this morning I woke up with a brewing cold and a notice that my website was down thanks to my husband disputed the renewal charge because I forgot to tell him (lesson learned!) #TGIF 

Here’s a few reminders to start your weekend:


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TCL Book Cover

There’s a giveaway for The Cowboy’s Bride Collection over here.
Go read yesterday’s interview with author Jaime Jo Wright if you missed it.


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Have a happy weekend, friends!

New Feature: The Grace Report


Just a quick,”Hey, there, how are ya?” for this Friday morning. Wanted to let all of you lovely people know about a brand new feature launching over on my Facebook page today: THE GRACE REPORT.

Grace is the cornerstone of my faith and the message my writing aims to convey. It’s finding undeserved redemption, forgiveness, hope in all the corners of life’s most messy places. Every Friday, I’ll be hosting THE GRACE REPORT on Facebook, inviting you to share how you’ve experienced grace this week. Where have you found joy among this week’s messes? Whether simple or extravagant, God’s grace can be found all around us if we just keep an eye out. I can’t wait to read how you’re week has been!

Hop on over, “Like” my page if you haven’t already (what are you waiting for?) and join in the discussion. See you there, friend.




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