Naming a Memorable Character


When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter over seven years ago, nothing made me more anxious than choosing her name. Not even the labor. With this one choice we were filling in a lifetime of place cards, registration forms, labels on prescriptions, beginnings to love letters, wedding invitations, “Hey, ____!” and on, and on and on. To me and my husband, choosing the name for her was everything. After much debate, we peacefully settled on Emma Grace. It fits her, somehow. And we are thankful that at least this parenting decision was a good one.Continue reading “Naming a Memorable Character”

Write A While Wednesdays: A Page from My Diary


Last week I started Write a While Wednesdays with the hopes that some of you would join me in setting aside just 15 minutes every Wednesday to write. No pressure. Just write whatever is on your mind. Honestly, it seemed like a catchy way to get more followers (gasp! we’re not supposed to admit that, are we?). Today is Wednesday and I found myself relieved to sit and write without a prompt or pressure. What came out of me is more a page out of my diary. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own risk. Continue reading “Write A While Wednesdays: A Page from My Diary”

A Tuition-Free Education in Writing

A Tuition-Free Education in Writing
During my graduate studies in editing and publishing at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, I participated in only one creative writing class. Taught by author Craig Nova, we studied the art of fiction by both reading about the process and practicing it together. It was both inspiring and terrifying. In retrospect, I should have paid attention to how alive the experience made me feel. Continue reading “A Tuition-Free Education in Writing”

This Procrastinator’s New Outlook: Disciplined Writing


I replied to a Tweet the other day asking what my procrastination device is. My reply: It’s in my blood…so, life. I find reasons to put off just about anything. Laundry, returning phone calls, making appointments to get my hair cut. Gracious, I even put off going to the bathroom, which usually leads to passing people at a breakneck speed in the hall at work with a wave of the hand and some quick muttering of, “Yea, yea, Bob. Great idea. Let’s set up a meeting…ok, great, yea, gotta go.” Continue reading “This Procrastinator’s New Outlook: Disciplined Writing”