Scared of the Dark

At work, I park on the side of our large building and, upon leaving, usually make a stop in the seldom-used restroom near that side door. Today before leaving for lunch, I used the same restroom and flicked the light switch off as I left. Remembering I left my keys on the bench outside the stalls,Continue reading “Scared of the Dark”

Fighting the Voices of Self-Doubt

Just a few days ago, my prayers included being thankful that God had given me a peace about the upcoming American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference. It was particularly pleasant since it’s usually my way to let worry creep in and take over. Well…as if a storm front blew in while I was sleeping, this morning IContinue reading “Fighting the Voices of Self-Doubt”

Life Lately (& Grace, Again)

I’m weary from the journey, friends. The last few weeks I have entered in to a season of uphill steps. It’s nothing too dramatic, especially compared to many challenges people face. Maybe you can relate. For me, fairly simple frustrations or tasks often compound quickly and, if I give in to it, life can suddenly feel overwhelming andContinue reading “Life Lately (& Grace, Again)”

Guest Post: Fear Not!

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to my twin sister, Cyndi Browning. In addition to being a great sister, she has recently managed to keep her cool (most days) in the midst of a lot of big life changes–all while being a great mama to my nephew Grayson. She posted the following on FacebookContinue reading “Guest Post: Fear Not!”