Giveaway: Christmas Edition

Hi friends. It’s the season of giving, so let’s have us a fun giveaway! Back when it was only on pre-order in September, I snagged two copies of Colleen Coble’s new Christmas book “All Is Calm/All Is Bright” — two novels in one! It’s already getting great reviews, which isn’t at all surprising. Colleen isContinue reading “Giveaway: Christmas Edition”

Yearning for Christmas

I posted this photo and caption on Instagram last night after decorating our Christmas tree earlier than ever this year. I’ve noticed a lot of others commenting that they felt pulled to decorate early, too. What is making us yearn for Christmas this year? Whatever it is, I’m so grateful. I’ll look forward to visitingContinue reading “Yearning for Christmas”

Getting to Know (Me)…

We’ve been sharing this little virtual space for some time now. Some of you are dear to me in real life and know me quite well, but several of you have likely found me via other authors, sites, connections. Connections often grow stronger when life is SHARED. Similarities are discovered. “Me too!” is uttered beneathContinue reading “Getting to Know (Me)…”