[Grace Is…] Series: Readers’ Edition


We open up each month with our [Grace Is…] series, and chat about ways we see grace in our everyday lives. What an awesome reminder it is to reflect back on these moments of gifted peace and love. This month, I thought it would be fun to share a few comments that some of you have shared about grace. You’ve inspired me and continue to encourage me to look for grace all around me.

Grace is… An Exchange. For born-again believers, our moment of salvation is certainly about His saving grace, but it’s not only about our unworthiness; it’s about His righteousness. Grace is the outcome of that beautiful exchange: God’s supernatural ability and power flowing through us.
— from Lauren C. Brandenburg

I experienced grace this week from someone who excused (forgave) me for letting something slip through the crack. Forgiveness. Is. AWESOME.
Mikal Hermmans 

Grace to me is…While we were still sinners, Christ gave Himself to atone for our sins; if I was the only person on earth, He would do the same! He is our gift of Grace!
— Sharon Reep (my mama!)

My grace moment came when a high school teacher helped us realize that our salvation wasn’t about anything WE did. It was all about our unworthiness to ascend the hill of the Lord and HIS unconditional act of love that enabled us to receive His righteousness. Reading The Ragamuffin Gospel and listening to Rich Mullins songs also helped me grasp what it was all about. ❤
Laurie Tomlinson

Grace is duty undertaken without resentment, obligation assumed without hope of recompense, and death accepted without grasping at life.
Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

Join today’s conversation and leave a comment below. How have you seen grace lately? When have you shown grace to someone else? I’ll get us started. I’m feeling in a bit of a lull on the writing front. The ideas are there, but putting words to paper has been a challenge this week. My critique partners have (once again) stepped up and reminded me about grace we can show ourselves…and to let God’s unending love and grace shower us during those moments we don’t feel adequate. I’m thankful for their encouragement and wisdom!

Now it’s your turn…



In today’s [Grace Is…] Series, readers share where they’ve experienced #grace. Share yours! — TWEET THIS!

“[Grace Is…] duty undertaken without resentment, obligation assumed without hope of recompense…” and other quotes on #grace — TWEET THIS!

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